Peggy Sias Lantz

Florida Master Naturalist and Author

Florida's Edible Wild Plants: A Guide to Collecting and Cooking

Peggy's new book will introduce you to a whole variety of gourmet treats using leaves, flowers, seeds, or roots of Florida’s wild plants. The text, drawings, and photographs will show you how to locate, identify, and prepare plants that may be growing in your back yard or the nearby woods. Includes cookbook and index, 208 pages. Published by Seaside Publishing, a subsidiary of University Press of Florida. Click ISBN to order.
ISBN 13: 978-0-9420-8402-3

The Florida Water Story is available NOW, as a series


The Wetlands of Florida describes Florida’s rainy and dry season water cycle, where the water is stored, and the many habitats it flows through on its way to the sea. Click to order: ISBN-13: 978-1-56164-705-7


The second book of the series is The Coastlines of Florida. Florida’s coastline is 1,100 miles long, the longest of any state except Alaska. Where freshwater meets the sea provides many different places for special plants and animals to live. Click to order: ISBN-13: 978-1-56164-702-6


When we stand on the top of a sand dune and look out across the ocean to the distant horizon, most of us see just the vast shining ripples and rolling waves. Unless a fin breaks the surface we can only wonder about what's underneath. That’s the story of the third volume of The Florida Water Story series, called The Oceans of Florida. Click to order:
ISBN-13: 978-1-56164-704-0


The fourth volume, called The Coral Reefs of Florida, presents a closeup of Florida’s underwater wonder near the Florida Keys. It is a beautiful garden--a world of gorgeous colors, feathery plumes waving in the currrents, creatures swimming, floating, crawling or gliding everywhere you look. Amazing creatures that you will be introduced to in this book. Click to order:
ISBN-13: 978-1-56164-703-3

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About the Author

A native Floridian, Peggy Lantz is a Florida Master Naturalist, musician, horseman, leathercrafter, outdoors woman, and editor and author. Her publications reflect her many interests. She served as editor of the Florida Native Plant Society’s publications and its magazine, The Palmetto, for 15 years, and as editor of Florida Audubon Society’s magazine, The Florida Naturalist. Ms. Lantz lives in Woodsmere in west Orange County, Florida, in the community settled by her grandfather in 1914.

Peggy's Other Books

Early Settlers in Ontario, Canada: The Hogg, Ramsay, and Breimer Families

Early Settlers in Ontario, Canada

Early Settlers in Ontario, Canada is a narrative that describes the everyday life of the Hogg, Ramsay, and Breimer families as they settled and raised families during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Born in 1873, Wilhelmine, usually called “Billie”, sets down some history of the Hogg family in Scotland before they emigrated to Canada. Most of the book is devoted to her early years in Parry Sound on Georgian Bay. Finally she tells of her education as a nurse in Chicago, her marriage,and her family’s move to Florida in 1914. The text has been left virtually as set down in 1938. New pages, typewritten on yellowed sheets, were found later and have been added to this new edition of her memoirs. Published by Woodsmere Press. Click ISBN to order:
ISBN-10: 0967960096

Lake Lucy Tales: Life in Early Days of Central Florida

Lake Lucy Tales

THESE STORIES have been written by those who lived or vacationed on the shores of a lovely little lake in west Orange County, Florida. The sentimental attachment each of us has for Lake Lucy may be remarkable. The stories have been collected and edited by Peggy Sias Lantz, the granddaughter of the first family to build a house there. David Purdy Sias and Wilhelmine Hogg Sias (called Billie) brought their three children to live here on New Year’s Day, 1914. Published by Woodsmere Press. Click ISBN to order:
ISBN-10: 0967960088

The Young Naturalist's Guide to Florida, Second Edition

The Young Naturalists Guide

Read this book before going on your next walk in the woods with your kids. Co-authored with Wendy Hale, it's an educational and enticing book for young readers and adults alike, containing a treasury of information and suggestions on where and how to look for Florida's most interesting natural features and creatures. Scientifically accurate, but easy to understand. Discusses birds, insects, reptiles, springs and rivers, native plants and pest plants, the Everglades, Florida’s skies and weather, various careers in the environmental field, and suggestions for how everyone can help protect Florida's priceless natural resources. Illustrated. Includes glossary and index. Published by Pineapple Press. Click ISBN to order:
ISBN-10: 1-56164-377-7

Florida's Incredible Wild Edibles

Florida's Incredible Wild Edibles

The original book on Florida's edible wild plants, published by the Florida Native Plant Society and continuously in print since 1993, this 72-page book will whet your appetite for this appealing hobby. You can provide your family with interesting new flavors for mealtime from the leaves, fruits, seeds, and roots of wild plants. Illustrated, with descriptions, recipes, and notes for many different plants. Now published by Finney Company. Click to order: ISBN 978-1-885258-02-1

Handbook for Reluctant Choir Directors

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, Ms. Lantz has served as choir and choral director for over 50 years for several churches and entertainment choruses. Her eight-page handbook lays out succinctly the basic requirements for preparing a small choir to lead in church services. How to beat the rhythm, selecting music your choir can sing and your accompanist can play, leading the rehearsal, and enjoying the job are all part of it. Originally published by Graded Press, rights are now owned by the author and available from her for $4.00, including postage. Email the author to order.

Old Saddles Never Die, How to Rebuild and Recondition Your Western Saddle

Old Saddles book

As horse owner and leathercrafter, Ms. Lantz learned to care for her saddle and gear, including completely rebuilding an aged and worn saddle. Originally published by a horseman’s newspaper, it is now in booklet form. Illustrated with photos, 22 pages. Available from the author for $6.00, including postage. Email the author to order.

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