Title: Old Saddles Never Die:
How to Rebuild and Recondition Your Western Saddle
Author: Peggy S. Lantz.
Type: Book (Saddle stitched paperback - 1985)
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ISBN: 978096796003? (096796003?)
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BISAC Subject: Crafts and Hobbies / Leathercraft

Description: New saddles are expensive. But you can rebuild that old saddle to look almost new by taking it partially apart, cleaning it up with soap and water and oil and polish, and replacing strings, straps, girths, ties, and even the shearling, if needed.
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Edition: Paperback, saddle stiched, 5.5 x 8 inches, 20 pages. Only $9.95 including shipping/handling and any sales tax that may be applicable.


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